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Sequoyah Tiger
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Leila Gharib, is an Italian musician, singer and designer based in Verona.

Having previously been a member of the indie-rock trio Bikini The Cat as lead-singer and guitar player, in 2008 she co-founded the performing arts group Barokthegreat, focusing on the expressive possibilities of the sound related to the choreographic gesture and exploring a dimension where rhythm and repetition reveal something both anamorphic and familiar.
In 2014 she started her solo project Sequoyah Tigerand the first EP “Ta-Ta-Ta-Time” was released in 2016 for the German label Morr Music.

The musical dimension of Sequoyah Tiger is rooted in the exploration of vocal tension, moving in the margins of the song form and slipping through lysergic loops, dance-inspired doo-wop and synth-pop electronics.
The visual image and drawing, alongside the sound composition, also find expression in covers design, in zines production, videos and flags, all designed by Leila herself.

The live-set is a collaboration with the dancer Sonia Brunelli, creating together a sound dramaturgy of the live performance in which the body provides a certain “thickness”, playing with the three-dimensionality of the actions in a specific visual dynamic. They investigate the interface of theatre, clubs and site-specific locations.

In 2016 Sequoyah Tiger and Berlin-based band Saroos released “Awayaway / Weaver's Cave Remixes” via Morr Music.